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Everything you need to make the best of the summer holidays for your kids is a list of fun ideas. Either you have one prepared already or not, our bucket list of activities for the summer holidays is all you need to make sure no two days are the same throughout the vacation.

So here you go, our bucket list of 50 fun ideas for the summer holidays.

Fun Things to do at Home

Make paper aeroplanes

School is out, and the break is here; let the kids make the best of their time at home. Paper plane is one of those things to keep your kids engaged. So, let them convert those used books to a high-flying jet and see whose aeroplane goes the farthest. It’s pretty simple to make, but if you need a step by step explanation on how to make a paper plane, then click here to check out

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Make and fly a kite

Summer holidays are for maximum fun and one thing you must achieve during this break is to encourage more outdoor play for your kids. An excellent way to accomplish that is by stocking up on many outdoor fun activities they can choose from. Flying a kite is one of these fun outdoor plays, and you need just paper or nylon, depending on your choice, a broomstick and thread. Be sure to fly your kite in open spaces, away from trees and power lines. See step by step explanation on how to make a kite.

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Play a card or board game

Just on one of the weekends during the summer holidays, organize everyone and have fun playing a card or board game of your choice, from Ludo to Chess to Scrabble, Monopoly or Whot. To make it fun, ensure to put a reward at the end of each game to make it more competitive and fun.  

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Make paper boats and race them in a kiddie pool by blowing through a straw

Instead of trashing your old books and papers, why not use them in making a fantastic paper boat. Kids are very much excited about papercraft. Teach your kids how to make a paper boat and float them in a pool or a big bucket of water by blowing air through a straw. You can also compete in a boat race with your kids; this makes it more fun and interesting.

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Complete a 1000+ Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

As a child, I loved fixing up Jigsaw puzzles. They are brain-tasking and time-consuming but so much fun. This is a game where the entire family can gather around and have fun all together while also testing mental acuity.

Organize a fun who wants to be a Brainiac quiz

Plan a who wants to be a millionaire show in your house. If you have your kid’s cousins come around to spend the holiday or have their friends come to have some fun at your home, this is a sure fun learning activity that will never be boring. Check out 9ijakids who wants to be a Brainiac game, arrange the kids in twos or threes depending on their number and let them answer quiz questions from the game as they accumulate money. The group with the highest amount of money have a pack of chocolate or bounty.

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Plant tomatoes (takes 40-50 days to grow)

Teach your kids some basic gardening skills and plant some vegetables and fruits like tomatoes. It takes just 40-50 days to grow. If you don’t have soil ground in your compound, you can get an empty container and fill it with loamy soil, which is the best soil for planting. Add your tomatoes seeds, and before the end of summer, your tomatoes would be ready for harvest.

Plan a sweet/chocolate scavenger hunt

This sweet scavenger hunt is designed to help your kids find their candies and chocolate. Just hide them in strategic corners, give them a few hints and clues, and then sit back and watch the ultimate search begin. Click here to see more scavenger hunts to try out.

Invite your child(ren) friends for a sleepover

Afford your child some access to their friends during the summer holidays by doing planning a sleepover. This is one of the common things I do with my kids. Before the actual sleepover, we cook dinner together and play lots of exciting games, making the whole night fun. It is one thing you should try out this summer break with your children and their friends. It is also a great way to get to know your child’s friends better.

Play charades

Charades is a very awesome game, and it’s as simple as this; one person will act something out, and the others will guess what they are trying to act out. It can be anything that catches your fancy ranging from a book, fictional character, movie, song, TV show etc.  It’s great for critical thinking and fun at the same time.

Sing karaoke

Plan a karaoke night with your family; you can set up a list of playlists on your laptop or use any of the karaoke apps and enjoy a fantastic night of beautiful music. If you like, you can share some videos on your Instagram and watch people’s reactions. Lol

Have a movie night at home

What is more fun than having a movie night? This summer, get a movie that the whole family can watch on Netflix or DSTV Box Office,  or you can even re-watch an old movie that everyone likes. See some suggestions here.  Don’t forget popcorn and drinks, too, and you all can wrap up yourself in a warm cosy blanket on the couch.

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Make and blow bubbles with friends

As a kid, I loved to blow bubbles. It was always fun and exciting to see so many bubbles in the air and watching them pop. Blowing bubbles is not just a fun activity for kids; it is also a stress reliever.

To make it more fun, you can join the kids too. Be the one to blow the bubble and let them jump to catch the bubbles. If you’re running out of bubbles, you can quickly make some more by just mixing a little bit of a liquid dishwasher and some water. Make some videos and push them to your Instagram as your summer holiday record for the year to inspire other parents.

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Have a PlayStation day

Do your kids have PlayStation? Then dedicate a day for this while they invite their friends over. Let them pick a team of their choice and compete with drinks and snacks available for refreshment.

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Places to Visit

Enjoy a boat ride to and fro Ikorodu

It is high time you put your fear of water aside and enjoy a sweet boat ride. It is fun-filled and a good family bonding activity. Click here to see how to have a fun boat ride to and fro Ikorodu with your kids

Take the train ride to Ibadan and back

Have your kids been on a train ride before? If your answer is negative, this summer is the perfect time you can go on a train ride as a family. The new Lagos -Ibadan train service began operations on December 9th, 2020, and there have been some positive reviews so far. The journey lasts about 2 hours with 5 minutes stopover at Abeokuta. So, don’t you think it will be fun to have a day out with your kids using a means of transportation they aren’t used to? Go and have a fun, jolly ride. See more details on the schedule and operation. Don’t forget to go with your cardigan if you have never lived in Canada before Lol.

Take kids to Upbeat, Lekki Phase 1

Upbeat is an exciting, fun place to be this summer. It comprises of fun sports and a fitness recreation centre. It’s a perfect place to unwind this summer holiday with your kids. They should have activities lined for the summer holidays . Click here to check them out.

Play arcade games at Rufus and Bee

Experience a wide range of fun activities at Rufus and Bee with your kids this summer holiday. If you are looking for some fun arcade games in Lagos, head over to Rufus and bee. Find more information here

Watch a stage play at Terraculture, Victoria Island

Taking a pause and enjoying the beauty of a live theatre with your family is not so much of a bad idea. Go watch a stage play with your kids this summer holiday at Terraculture, Victoria Island.

Let the kids run around the Eko Hotel playground

You can visit the Eko hotel and allow the kids to have an exciting moment in the Eko Hotel playground with a playhouse and monkey bars.  Also, check out your choice of the many restaurants the hotel has to offer. So, it’s two-way fun for both you and your kids. Click here to see more information

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Walk the longest canopy walk in Africa at the Lekki Conservation Centre

Have a fun day out with the kids by visiting Lekki conservation centre. This is a superb getaway, a recreational spot for both kids and adults. Get your kids to walk on the longest canopy walk in Africa; trust me, it’s an adventurous place to be.

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Make it a day of fun at Omu Resort

Have you been to Omu Resort? Omu Resort is one of the many beautiful recreational centres in Lagos. It is a facility-packed resort with a zoo, an amusement park, and a water park. It is one of the best places to take your kids this summer. However, it is not only built for kids; it is also a great hangout spot for adults. Perhaps, if you are looking for something fun and adventurous to do in Lagos this summer, Omu resort is the best place to be.

Have a beach day out

Head to the beach with your kids this summer holiday to give your kids a memorable experience with nature. Lagos is the home of beaches and so if you live outside Lagos, plan to come to spend a week at least with your kids, and your motive should be to visit any of the beaches. Check out landmark beach. It’s a beehive of fun only rivalled by La campaign Tropicana beach resort. Others are Atican beach, Tarkwa Bay, Oniru, Elegushi and so on. Take your camera along or have a phone with good camera quality to keep records of some fantastic sites. Go have some elite experience with beach football, canoeing, sunbathing, horse riding and many more.

Have a family picnic at Fairacres Lagos

Check out the artificial lake and do some water sport at FairAcres Lagos this summer holiday. Experience the peace and tranquillity couched on 14 acres of land around Lekki Epe expressway. Click for more details

50 Bucket List of Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Go on a Ferris Wheel/ice skating at Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park 

The theme for the summer holiday is absolute fun and so don’t dare deprive your kids of this fun season. Go experience a fun Ferris wheel ride, ice skating, watch movies in the 12D cinema, and enjoyable stuff at High Impact planet. See more info here

Take a road trip to visit Olumo Rock

Have you heard of the legendary Olumo Rock located in Abeokuta Ogun State?  Who hasn’t! I should instead ask if your kids have been there.  Olumo rock is one of the major tourist attractions in Nigeria with a captivating embodiment. Give the kids some wow experiences this summer holiday by taking a road trip to Abeokuta and go visit this historical Rock. Don’t forget your hiking boots.

50 Bucket List Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Visit the zoo

The zoo is where every kid likes to visit. Take them on tour to the zoo. If you live in Lagos, then Ibadan is close to you so go check out the zoological garden at the University of Ibadan. From Lions to Hyenas, Pythons to Crocodiles and tons more, some unique experiences await your kids. 

50 Bucket List Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Visit Erin Ijesha Waterfall

Erin ijesha waterfall is a tourist attraction in Osun state that you should plan to visit with your kids this summer holiday. I bet it’s your first time knowing we have something like this in Nigeria. Go spend some quality time with your kids and experience the wonders of mother nature. These reviews about this fun site will thrill you. Click here to read them

50 Bucket List Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Skills to Acquire

Learn to draw/ paint with Quickdraw by Google

Quick Draw is a well known AI drawing guessing game that challenges players to draw a doodle, and then artificial intelligence guesses what the drawings represent. If your child is a budding artist, this should help them more this summer.

50 Bucket List Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Learn to code

There is nothing as interesting as kids learning to code. Kids can learn how to create computer games and animations, build applications and design web pages with just coding knowledge.  Coding is not all about making or becoming a developer; it also strengthens problem-solving and logical thinking skills.  Want to enrol your kids for coding class this summer holiday? Check out STEM METs

50 Bucket List Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Learn to swim

Swimming is a life-saving skill. Does your child know how to swim? If no, then it’s a major skill to help them acquire this summer holiday. Check out Dolphin swimming school to enrol your child on a swimming class.

50 Bucket List Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Roller skating at Skate City Ng

Skating is so much fun; it is a recreational activity and can sometimes be classified as a sport. Are you looking to help your child develop skating skills this summer holiday? Check out @Skatecity_ng on Instagram for more information

Bring out the artist in your kids at Paint &Bake

If your child has a knack for art, check out Paint & Bake on Instagram to learn painting and ceramic this summer holiday.      

Learn a new language with Duolingo

The summer holiday is an opportunity to learn a new language. If your child has been learning French in school, help them perfect it during this holiday or learn a new language entire like German using Duolingo         

Learn CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and other First Aid skills

This summer holiday, help kids learn what and what not to do during emergencies with basic first aid skills, especially CPR. Check out the Nigerian Red Cross for health and safety classes to enrol

Learn to make beads or sew

Bead making and sewing are lucrative skills. This holiday let your child learn how to make beautiful bracelets and sew their torn clothes. As they grow, they can develop the skills and make money from these skills. Check out this video to help kids get started.

Learn video editing

Video editing is an important skill today. Your child can become a digital content creator with a good knowledge of video creation and editing. This summer holiday, let them check out as many video editing tutorials as possible and become a professional video editor.

Learn to play any musical instrument

Piano, guitar and saxophone are some of the musical instruments that are fascinating to kids, and this summer break is a time to give some of them a try. Check out any music school close to you and enrol your child

Cooking Fun

Make homemade ice cream.

Kids love ice cream, and nothing could be more fun than taking them through the practicals involved in bringing the magic to life. With just a few ingredients, you are good to go to make your homemade ice cream without any special equipment. Here is an easy way you can make your ice cream.

Teach your child how to barbecue chicken or/and make suya

I love grilled chicken and meat, yummy. This summer, you can teach your kids how to make a chicken barbeque or how to make suya. Outdoor cooking can also be exciting, and  Kids love to watch plain raw food become a grill-marked masterpiece. It’s a process that can inspire an appetite in even the pickiest child. Click here to see how to prepare it

Be sure to consider these safety tips.

  • Never grill in an indoor or poorly ventilated space.
  • Never use the same platter for raw and cooked meat without washing it first.
  • Let the food sit for a short period after removing it from the grill to avoid burns.
  • Keep all grilling tools and sharp knives out of reach of children

Make homemade popsicles

Now that the kids are on a long vacation activate their taste buds with fresh-from-the-freezer ice pops and teach them how to make some. It is effortless to prepare, just get a Popsicle mould and navigate your way through the various flavours and recipes. You could make a healthy fruity Popsicle or a chocolate cream popsicle. Check this space for step by step process of making your popsicle

Bake cookies

Baking a cookie should be among your to do’s with the kids this summer. It is loaded with fun from start to finish. Grab a baking book and follow the recipes or click here to see the step by step process of baking your cookie.

Make homemade pizza

Homemade pizzas are fun to make and taste absolutely out of this world. See how to make pizza at home


Volunteer at an NGO

Like the adage says, it’s better to give than to receive. Let the kids volunteer at an NGO this summer holiday. Start teaching them how to be socially responsible. Check out Bethesda child support agency if you want your child to give volunteering a shot this summer holiday

Visit Grandma and Grandpa in the village

When last did you pay a visit to see grandma and grandpa? It looks like this culture is fast going into extinction. If your parents live in a rural community, consider paying a visit to them with the kids. Give them the experience of rural tranquillity this summer holiday.

Do a random act of kindness

Showing a random act of kindness is a nice thing to tick off your summer bucket list. Pack some goodies, dress up your kids and visit some of the orphanage homes

Go 24 Hours without Internet, Radio or Television

Sometimes it is just better to unplug, it might not be easy because we use the internet for everything nowadays. But think about it. When was the last time you went for two hours without your phone or tabs? Try going 24 hours without internet, radio or TV. Read a good book, talk to your family or use the time to complete some of the ideas on this at home bucket list. Soon enough, you will wish you had these quiet and peaceful moments more often.

Play Pretend

Play pretend is an exciting way to bond with the family. You can play pretend and switch places with your child. For instance, let your child play the role of a father or a mother while you as the parent play the child role just for fun. This is a way to discover what your child has been observing from your parenting style. Try it out

Prevent summer brain drain with daily Nimdee worksheets

Yes! The theme for summer is fun, and kids would want to play all day every day; however, we need to avoid summer brain drain by finding a way to let them keep learning. Check out Nimdee worksheets on various subjects, keep them learning and prevent summer slides.

Act a short play or drama

Since it will be a long vacation from school, nothing wrong with trying out several things.  With a smartphone camera, you can shoot a short drama at home or skit and have your kids show their friends. Let them come up with a story and act it out or mimic their favourite book characters while someone is videoing them.

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